Vendor Application

Rules Governing Exhibitors

Indy VegFest welcomes sponsors, exhibitors and vendors who abide by our mission and the goals of our event. We require that all materials, literature, and handouts reflect these values.

Our mission is to increase acceptance of the compassionate, environmental and health facets of a vegan lifestyle through outreach and education. Our values are as follows:
Demonstrate compassion for all living beings
Embrace the diversity of all individuals seeking information
Educate the wider community using a variety of academic research, facts and statistics as well as compelling storytelling, images and engagement
Create unity within the vegan community by embracing the many reasons people choose vegan lifestyles and the variety of lifestyles that exist within the larger community

Exhibitor space is available from Indy VegFest by our discretion only. Indy VegFest reserves the right to decline any exhibitor at any time at its discretion.

ALL PRODUCTS THAT ARE SOLD, SAMPLED OR DISPLAYED MUST BE VEGAN. Vegan is defined is being free of any animal ingredients or processes that use animals. Animal ingredients include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, honey and pollen, gelatin, wool, leather, fur, silk, feathers, shells, and anything else that is animal in origin. Also, no products will be allowed that have been tested on animals. The promotion of events or services that include the exploitation of animals, including but not limited to circuses, rodeos, zoos, etc. is also strictly forbidden. All literature and other information displayed or distributed must only include vegan and vegan‐friendly products and services. Indy VegFest reserves the right to exclude any items that it judges to be inappropriate. Any non‐vegan items will be quickly removed, and the offending vendor may be subject to ejection from the event. We encourage any questions about products or services to be emailed to

The following items are strictly prohibited from being sold, displayed, distributed, or used by all exhibitors:
• Illicit drugs
• Cigarettes, smoking, and vaping devices
• Firecrackers, fireworks, or similar items
• Weapons and firearms
• Vulgar, offensive, sexually explicit, or obscene materials as judged by Indy VegFest, and such judgment shall be final.

Any apparel, jewelry or other product that promotes rape culture, cultural appropriation, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, body shaming, racist, or oppressive messaging will NOT be allowed at Indy VegFest.

Exhibit tables must remain fully staffed and prepared to interact with attendees on event day, for the entire duration of the festival.

Exhibitors are responsible for setup and breakdown of their exhibits. There will be limited volunteer assistance for unloading. No early breakdown will be permitted. Schedule of events indicating setup, breakdown, and check‐in times will be sent with confirmation of your booth space no later than 30 days prior to the event.

Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their own property and equipment at all times. While security personnel will be on duty at all times during the event, no security personnel will be assigned specifically to exhibitors and vendors. By signing this agreement, exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that Indy VegFest is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to any property left on the event grounds at any time.

Indy VegFest is advertised through social media, e‐newsletters, earned media, word‐of‐mouth, and limited print media. All Exhibitors are expected to make a good faith effort to promote Indy VegFest on social media, websites, newsletters, e‐mailings, calendars, and other opportunities as available.

All exhibitors grant Indy VegFest permission to use and/or replicate photographs and video taken during the event for the purpose of publishing in newsletters, the organization’s website, for fundraising, outreach, and educational materials.

Samples and sales are welcome as listed and approved by Indy VegFest in the application form and must be vegan. “Show Special” discounts are encouraged. All products that are sold, sampled or displayed must be vegan.

Nonprofit groups may also solicit memberships and donations at the event, provided they limit the promotion to the confines of their booth. Exhibit displays and signs must be on tables or freestanding (with advance permission). Exhibitors will not interfere with the safety, success, and effectiveness of Indy VegFest. This includes, but is not limited to, behavior, display materials, literature, venue equipment, or operations, unusual odors, noise level, or extending beyond exhibitor space and/or blockage of public passageways. All garbage and recycling must be placed in appropriate containers in accordance with the recycling guidelines. A $50 cleaning fee may be assessed to any areas not left clean. Access to electricity is by pre‐arrangement only, and priority is given to food vendors. You must bring your own extension cords. Subletting exhibit space in part or in its entirety is not permitted.

Neither Indy VegFest; their sponsors or agents; the facilities; the host city, county nor state are responsible for injury, loss or damage from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by a vendor, employee of the exhibitor or property belonging to the exhibitor or vendor’s employee. The vendor, upon signing this contract, expressly releases the foregoing named individuals and employees from all claims for such loss, cancellation, damage, or injury.

Indy VegFest assume no responsibility or liability for goods delivered to the grounds, or for materials left on the grounds after closing hours.

All sponsors, exhibitors, and food vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance to Indy VegFest prior to event day. Information that should be listed:
Additional Insured: Indy VegFest Inc and Gainbridge Fieldhouse
Location: 125 S Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Certificate Holder: Indy VegFest Inc. c/o Joseph Rupp, 945 E Southern Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203

Please forward a copy prior to the day of event to

Companies or organizations that do not carry insurance policies or cannot provide a certificate of insurance will be asked to sign a liability waiver. By signing this agreement, the exhibitor acknowledges that he/she has a valid commercial general liability policy with an insurance company that is recognized by the state(s) in which the event(s) occur(s) or, in lieu of a policy, commits to signing and returning a liability waiver. This policy must list Indy VegFest Inc. as an additional insured and a certificate must be presented before start of event.

The exhibitor acknowledges that said exhibitor is and agrees to be solely responsible and to hold Indy VegFest, all Festival sponsors and the officers, directors, and the employees thereof harmless and indemnified with respect to any locally or nationally required licensing fees or taxes whether governmentally imposed or otherwise. Said fees may include, but are not limited to, local merchant’s certificates, local transient merchant’s certificates, state licensing requirements for sales tax or merchant’s certificates, music licensing fees, county taxes and corporate trademark licensing fees or other like fees. Any and all restrictions and/or levies enforced or imposed by the show facilities; the vendor must observe host cities, counties, or states. Indy VegFest, its staff and participating co‐sponsors assume no responsibility for any levies imposed on any vendor. Exhibitors must conform to all rules and regulations in effect at the show facilities as set forth by the cities and counties, including the fire departments, police departments and/or the building and safety departments.

Exhibitor payments are refundable up to 30 days prior to the day of event. If for any reason the exhibitor is unable to participate in the event and does not notify Indy VegFest prior to the day of event, the exhibitor will be banned from participation in future events. Should Indy VegFest find it necessary to cancel, Indy VegFest agrees to refund all monies paid by the exhibitor within 30 days of such cancellation. Vendor agrees to hold Indy VegFest harmless for any resulting loss.

Exhibitors distributing food samples must include the names of the foods served and a complete list of ingredients in each item. Signage should also include any food allergens present.

All utensils, plates and other containers for food and samples must be compostable or recyclable. Information on compostable containers and utensils will be made available. A $100 garbage fee may be imposed if Indy VegFest staff discovers non‐compostable or recyclable serveware has been used. Indy VegFest volunteers will sort through all waste at the event and recycle or compost more than 90% of it. Our goal is zero waste!

Food vendors who plan to offer food or beverages for sale or sampling and conduct on site food preparation at Indy VegFest will need to obtain a temporary retail food establishment license and adhere to the temporary event guidelines, in accordance with 410 IAC 7‐24. Food vendors will also be required to have a certified food handler at the event, unless the vendor is only serving foods on the exempt food list, including popcorn or kettle corn, nachos with cheese, hot pretzels with sauce, heating and serving precooked foods, and cookies or baked goods. The food handler certification must be recognized by the Conference for Food Protection. More information is available online.

*Please note that having a food handler certification does not make you exempt from obtaining a temporary food establishment license. Conversely, you may be exempt from providing a certified food handler due to the food you are serving, however, this does not exempt you from obtaining a temporary food establishment license.*

Limited food preparation shall occur on site. All food must come from an approved source. No home‐prepared foods permitted. Only grilling, hot holding, cold holding, assembly, and serving can be conducted at the event. All other food preparation such as chopping, mixing, thawing, and making salads must occur in a licensed food establishment prior to the event. Items can be purchased pre‐cut or pre‐made and cooked and held at proper temperatures on site.

Food vendors obtaining a temporary retail food establishment license must also set up a temporary hand washing station at your stand. It must consist of, at least, running water, soap, paper towels, a discard bucket and a trash can. A large thermos or container in which water is held for dispensing for hand washing can be used. The container must have a spout that allows the water to remain running without holding or pushing the dispensing mechanism. A container needs to be placed under the water container to catch the wastewater. Gainbridge Fieldhouse will provide hand washing stations and potable water for all food vendors.

Vendors offering tasting or sampling of non‐potentially hazardous foods may not be required to obtain a temporary retail food establishment license as long as the following conditions are met (per the Marion County Public Health Department):
Foods approved for exempt license status for sampling include: jerky, beer and wine, bread, canned soft drinks and juices, non‐potentially hazardous baked goods, snack food such as chips or pretzels, candy bars and confections, coffee and tea, jams and jellies, syrups, and non‐ potentially hazardous spreads.
Food or beverage items to be sampled must originate from an approved, commercial source.
Samples must be single portioned 2 ounce sizes, which must be dispensed individually in disposable (compostable or recyclable) containers or with disposable (compostable or recyclable) utensils.
Samples must be protected from potential contamination by consumers and the immediate environment.
Plastic wrap, dome lids, or portable sneeze guards offer acceptable protection. Hand contact with open foods must be minimized by using disposable gloves with a temporary hand washing station and/or utensils.
Vendors with prepackaged foods that are non‐potentially hazardous and are manufactured in a licensed retail or wholesale food establishment (i.e. chocolates, cookies, pastries, jarred items, etc.) may participate without obtaining a temporary event permit.

ALL food vendors should have a retail food establishment license or an Indiana State Health Registration for wholesale.

Please contact the Department of Food Safety at the Marion County Public Health Department, at (317) 221‐2222 for questions regarding sampling requirements and temporary event vendor licensing.

Any matters not specifically covered are subject to decision by Indy VegFest. Indy VegFest reserves the right to make changes, amendments, and additions to these rules as considered advisable for proper conduct of the event(s), with the provision that all exhibitors will be advised of any such change.

Our Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

Indy VegFest rejects racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and transphobia in all forms, whether individual, institutional or structural in nature. We are committed to fostering diversity, inclusion and respect for all while maintaining a safe environment. This commitment encourages people to confront racism and discrimination, to listen and learn and to work toward racial equity and social justice together. The safe environment encourages individual self-expression without judgment.

Indy VegFest is also committed to demonstrating compassion for all living beings by embracing the diversity of all individuals. Our participation in the community will always reflect this commitment. We strive to create unity within the vegan community by embracing the many reasons people choose vegan lifestyles, and we acknowledge that these reasons are just as varied and diverse as the many individuals who unite to form our community.

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