How to Help Animals in Indy

Animals in Indiana Suffer in Countless Ways:Here’s How You Can Help

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1. Farm Animals

The Challenge
Billions of cows, chickens, goats, pigs, sheep, and turkeys are killed each year to provide meat.

How You Can Help as an Individual:
Integrate plant-based cooking
Use one of many online plant-based meal planners to begin integrating plant-based cooking into your weekly diet.
Attend Meetups
Attend Indianapolis Veg MeetUp gatherings to try out plant-based food, meet people who enjoy - and make - plant-based food. There are several other groups that bring vegans together, including Indy Veg Women and Plant Based Women in Indy, and groups outside of Indy, such as Bloomington, Lafayette, and Muncie.
Dine at plant-based friendly restaurants
Check out the Indy VegFest restaurant guide for plant-based friendly restaurants in the Indianapolis area.
Attend Indy VegFest
Come to the annual Indy VegFest to try dozens of items from plant-based-friendly restaurants.
Donate time and resources
Give of your time and financial resources to places like Kanda Farm Sanctuary, Uplands Peak Farm Sanctuary, Erin’s Farm, and 1834 Sanctuary, which are not only providing a safe home to farm animals, but are serving as incredible educational venues for people of all ages to develop a deeper appreciation of farm animals as sentient beings.
Support IARA
Support groups like the Indiana Animal Rights Alliance, which hosts periodic events that help viewers appreciate the scale and brutality of factory farming, and learn about compassionate alternatives.
Contact your City Councilor
Tell your City Councilor about the fact that the City Council passed a Meatless Monday resolution. Encourage your City Councilor to personally go meat-free once a week (or aim higher) to set an example for their constituents.
Contact your State Lawmaker
Tell your state lawmaker to make any type of animal fighting or racing (e.g., pigs, roosters, dogs) in Indiana a felony crime.

2. Companion Animals

The Challenge
Many cats and dogs face neglect (e.g., being left in the heat or cold) or abuse, or are killed due to overcrowding at shelters.

How You Can Help as an Individual:
Report Neglect or Abuse
Contact 311 to report on neglect and abuse.
Adopt from your local animal shelter

Report animals left outside in extreme weather
Report on animals that are being kept in inhumane temperature conditions (above 90 degrees and below 20 degrees), which is against local law (in Indianapolis). Please reach 317-327-4622.
Get assistance for dogs kept outdoors
Make a family member, friend, or neighbor aware of Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO), which provides assistance to people who need help taking care of their dog; they can be reached at 317-221-1314.
Contact your State Lawmaker about animal welfare laws
Strengthen local and state animal welfare laws; here’s how to reach your state lawmaker.
Urge your City Councilor to support animal care funding
Urge your city or county councilor to support adequate funding to county animal care and control agencies.

3. Wild Animals

The Challenge
Many squirrels, opossum, and deer lose their lives each day on Indianapolis roads. Countless birds are harmed by balloon releases, plastic being littered on our sidewalks, and by inadvertently crashing into buildings. Thousands of animals lose their homes when their habitat is plowed over to make way for new subdivisions and strip malls, even when existing, developed land is not reused. Invasive plants can kill off native plants on which native birds, mammals, and insects depend.

How You Can Help as an Individual:
Pick up litter
Pick up litter (provided you are careful) whenever you run across it. You could save the life of a bird or insect.
Call a wildlife rehabilitator if you come across an injured animal
Contact a wildlife rehabilitator if you see an injured animal.
Get your back yard certified as wildlife-friendly
Volunteer for clean up days
Volunteer with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful or Friends of the White River to be a part of half-day clean up days.
Help remove invasive species
Sign up for work days with Central Indiana Land Trust or Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to help remove invasive species.
Urge your City Councilor to support animal care funding
Urge your city or county councilor to support adequate funding to county animal care and control agencies.
Ask the Zoo to close their dolphin show
Write to the Indianapolis Zoo and urge them to ban their dolphin show. You can reach the Indianapolis Zoo by email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

4. Horses in Downtown Indianapolis

The Challenge
Horses are inhaling hours and hours of toxic car exhaust. They are forced to pull heavy loads hour after hour, day after day.

How You Can Help as an Individual:
Educate your friends and family about 'working' horses
Discourage friends, family, and your social networks from using this service.
Urge your City Councilor to support a ban
Urge your City Councilor to support a ban on these carriage rides, as has happened in multiple cities across the U.S.

5. Animals Used for Entertainment

The Challenge
Animals used in circuses and rodeos are often coerced and abused, such as with whips.

How You Can Help as an Individual:
Educate your friends and family about circuses and rodeos
Discourage friends and family from going to circuses that use animals as well as from rodeos.
Contact City Council
Urge your city council to ban the use of animals in circuses.

6. Livestock in Cities

The Challenge
People are raising chickens in different cities in Indiana for eggs or meat, against the will of these animals.

How You Can Help as an Individual:
Refrain from raising backyard chickens
Please refrain from raising backyard chickens, unless kept as a well-loved, properly cared for companion animal.

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