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2022 Winners

The best vegan restaurants, businesses, and service providers in Indy, as voted on by you!

Arts & Entertainment

Best local vegan visual artist

Emily Wiley

Honorable Mention: Kolton Dallas

Best local vegan musician/band/music artist

DJ Stylistic

Body Care

Best body care products for vegans

Naima Naturals

Honorable Mention:  Frangipani Body Products, Freya's Chariot

Food & Drink

Best local restaurant for vegans

10th Street Diner

Honorable Mention:  Three Carrots

Best vegan chef

Cul De Sac Poe

Honorable Mention:  Karen & Will Holmes, Corey McDaniel

Best upscale dining for vegans

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Honorable Mention:  Three Carrots

Best romantic dining for vegans

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Honorable Mention:  10th Street Diner, Tinker Street, Mimi Blue

Best place for breakfast/brunch for vegans

10th Street Diner

Honorable Mention:  Cafe Patachou, Three Carrots

Best pub food for vegans

Broad Ripple Brew Pub

Honorable Mention:  10th Street Diner, Union Jack Pub

Best whole-food plant-based (WFPB) dining

Pure Eating Way

Honorable Mention:  Public Greens, The Food Architect

Best outdoor dining for vegans

(tie) Broad Ripple Brew Pub, Three Carrots

Honorable Mention: Public Greens, La Margarita

Best cheap eats for vegans

10th Street Diner

Honorable Mention:  Yats, Cleo's Bodega Grocery and Cafe

Best place for late-night munchies for vegans

Insomnia Cookies

Honorable Mention:  Taco Bell

Best soul food for vegans

Cul De Sac Kitchen

Honorable Mention:  10th Street Diner, Sunnie Side Up

Best deli/sandwich shop for vegans

10th Street Diner

Honorable Mention:  Georgetown Market

Best baked goods for vegans

(tie) Sea Salt & Cinnamon, Yes It's Really Vegan Bakery

Honorable Mention:  Flying Cupcake

Best coffee/tea shop for vegans

Tea's Me

Honorable Mention:  Landlocked, GoldLeaf Savory & Sweet

Best ice cream shop for vegans


Honorable Mention:  Gordon's, CRAVE Ice Cream Social

Best chocolate shop for vegans

The Best Chocolate in Town

Honorable Mention:  Litterally Divine Chocolates

Best birthday cakes/cakes baker/shop for vegans

Sugar Me Vegan

Honorable Mention:  Sea Salt & Cinnamon

Best vegan burgers


Honorable Mention:  10th Street Diner, Bru Burger, Cul De Sac Kitchen

Best vegan pizza

(tie) Mellow Mushroom, Missing Brick

Honorable Mention:  Blaze, Jockamo, King Dough

Best vegan ramen

Ramen Ray

Honorable Mention:  Strange Bird, Wei Ramen

Best vegan tenderloin

Three Carrots

Honorable Mention:  10th Street Diner, Broad Ripple Brew Pub

Best vegan wings

10th Street Diner

Honorable Mention: Three Carrots

Best African cuisine for vegans


Honorable Mention:  St. Yared's

Best British/Celtic cuisine for vegans

Broad Ripple Brew Pub

Honorable Mention:  Union Jack Pub

Best Cajun/Creole cuisine for vegans


Best Chinese cuisine for vegans

Asian Harbor

Honorable Mention:  China Gourmet

Best Indian cuisine for vegans

India Garden

Honorable Mention:  India Cafe, Chapati, Delhi Palace

Best Italian cuisine for vegans

Mimi Blue

Honorable Mention:  Capri

Best Mediterranean cuisine for vegans

Naf Naf Grill

Honorable Mention:  Canal Bistro, Bosphorus Istanbul Cafe

Best pho/Vietnamese cuisine for vegans

Pho Real

Honorable Mention:  Pho Tasty, What The Pho

Best sushi/Japanese cuisine for vegans

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Honorable Mention:  Sushi Bar

Best tacos/Mexican cuisine for vegans

La Margarita

Honorable Mention:  Tlaolli, Condado

Best Thai cuisine for vegans

Thai Cafe

Honorable Mention:  Siam Square, Thai Spice, BODHI Craft Bar + Thai Bistro

Best local brewery for vegans

Broad Ripple Brew Pub

Honorable Mention:  Sun King, Upland Brewery

Best local vegan beer

Broad Ripple Brew Pub

Honorable Mention:  Upland Brewery, Ash & Elm Cider

Best local vegan wine

Easley Winery

Honorable Mention: Sip & Share

Best local vegan cheese

The Vegan Cheese Lady

Honorable Mention:  Amazeball/Eat Surreal

Best place for vegan cocktails

Hotel Tango

Honorable Mention:  Revolucion

Best farmers market product for vegans

Sea Salt & Cinnamon

Honorable Mention:  The Vegan Cheese Lady

Best farmers market overall for vegans

Broad Ripple

Honorable Mention: Garfield Park

Best vegan pop-up

Black Leaf Vegan

Honorable Mention:  Tha Corn Man

Shops & Services

Best gifts/home goods for vegans

Georgetown Market

Honorable Mention:  Freya's Chariot

Best fashion for vegans

The Toggery

Honorable Mention:  Sassy Spud

Best fresh grocer for vegans

Fresh Thyme

Honorable Mention:  Trader Joe's, Whole Foods

Best animal hospital/veterinarian for companion animals

FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic

Honorable Mention:  IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital

Best gym/fitness center for vegans

Sweattboxx Wellness Center

Honorable Mention:  North Mass Boulder

Best yoga studio for vegans


Honorable Mention:  Bargersville Wellness

Best spa/salon for vegans

The Voom Room

Honorable Mention:  Bargersville Wellness

Best tattoo parlor for vegans


Honorable Mention:  Fountain Square Tattoo

Best pediatrician for vegan families

Daniel Hayford, MD

Best primary care/GP for vegans

Mecca Maxey-Smartt, MD

Best lactation consultant for vegans

Aimbriel Lasley, IBCLC

Indianapolis Standouts

Best neighborhood for vegans

Broad Ripple

Honorable Mention:  Fountain Square

Best place to volunteer for vegans

Oinking Acres

Honorable Mention:  Uplands PEAK Animal Sanctuary

Best vegan-friendly non-profit organization

Oinking Acres

Honorable Mention:  FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic, Uplands PEAK Animal Sanctuary

Best local vegan Instagram account

Indy Vegans

Honorable Mention:  Black Mama Vegan, Pretty Brown Vegan

Vegan-friendly businesses outside of the Indianapolis area

(Marion County and the contiguous/donut counties)

Best vegan-friendly restaurant outside of the Indy area worth driving for

The Owlery (Bloomington, IN)

Honorable Mention:  Chicago Diner (Chicago, IL), The Ferguson House Bistro (Nashville, IN), V-grits (Louisville, KY)

Best vegan burger outside of the Indy area

Savery Vegan Grill (Fort Wayne, IN)

Honorable Mention:  J. Selby's (St. Paul, MN)

Best vegan desserts outside of the Indy area

Rainbow Bakery (Bloomington, IN)

Honorable Mention:  Lucky Lemon Bakery (Kokomo, IN), The Chocolate Moose (Bloomington, IN)

Best sanctuary in Indiana for farmed animals

Oinking Acres (Brownsburg, IN)

Honorable Mention:  Uplands PEAK Animal Sanctuary (Freedom, IN)

Fun Categories!

Best reason to go vegan in Indy in 2022


Honorable Mention:  Health

Best movie/documentary to expose your friends to veganism

What The Health

Honorable Mention:  Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., The Game Changers

Favorite Saying/quote about veganism

In a world where you can be anything be kind

Honorable Mention:  Saving one animal won’t change the world but it’ll change the world for that one animal, Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends, Don’t ask me about my protein and I won’t ask about your cholesterol

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